Actually getting to trace areas and run analysis was something that we hadn’t done before.

Being able to actually participate in the research was very helpful. It allows you to do something that you normally wouldn’t get to do at a university our size.

Being able to do the lab online with the Image J was very helpful instead of just reading about it.

Collecting data yourself really helps you learn more than just reading. It was also valuable how you could go back and redo and review things.

I can now visualize the actual nervous system, hippocampus, and GABAA receptors.

I liked the active engagement instead of the heavy text reading.

I liked the convenience of the online lab. I hate going to the lab because I can’t focus with a lot of people around.

I really like to do things by myself.

I liked the hands-on part—highlighting parts of the brain.

I liked the video and that is what I remember most about the lab.

I liked where they asked questions and walked you through it and then you got feedback if you were right, and if you were wrong, they walked you through the steps.

It wasn’t like the reading we do in our text.

I really liked that I got to use my own data and also that some guidance was provided as to what I should do with my data.

I really liked the brain section because it made me feel very scientific.

I really liked the physical slides and the measuring.

I think I will remember this better because of the hands-on.

I really liked ImageJ.

It gave the background for everything, and then they walked you through things.

It gave you all the answers and made it easy to do something very hard.

It impacted how I understood the work of receptors.

It showed the process of things going in and out of cells. It was more helpful because I am a visual person.

It was really cool that you could collect the data yourself. That helped me to learn more than just reading about it.

The essay questions being compared to the rubric--that’s a fantastic idea.

The hands-on and being able to see what researchers really see made it interesting.

The hands-on made it stick. The lab had videos that were helpful. It was better than just reading about it.

The lab was really interesting because of the work I had to do.

These visuals really helped my understanding.

This approach was better because we weren’t just reading about it.

Using the image software to measure was really neat.

We should remember this more because it made us think more about it and because it was hands-on.

We talk about it in all our classes, but this lab really broke it down in plain language so it was easier to understand.

You really got to do it yourself.