Founded as a nonprofit organization in 1992, CIPE promoted computer-aided visualization as a tool for inquiry-based learning. In support of that mission, it developed instructional materials and conducted workshops that used digital image analysis and geographic information systems technologies as platforms for teaching about science, mathematics, and technology. CIPE's hands-on workshops and award-winning materials supported standards-based education in science, mathematics, social studies, technology education, vocational education, and many other disciplines.
Science Approach now provides the official Web presence of the Center for Image Processing in Education (CIPE). In 2006, CIPE's Board of Trustees approved a resolution to cease operations once all of its current projects are complete. CIPE ceased operations in September, 2007. The board resolution authorized CIPE to transfer its intellectual properties to Science Approach, with the agreement that Science Approach will continue CIPE's mission of promoting the use of visualization technologies for education. The board also authorized Science Approach to do business as CIPE.
  • Completed Projects
    CIPE received funding for ten projects from federal agencies and private organizations.
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