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About Powers of Inquiry

Powers of Inquiry: Using Image Analysis to Explore Environmental Health Science is a set of nine lessons created for the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) that allows middle and high school students to explore important environmental health science issues using real data and suitable research tools. 

A Project of the NIEHS Small Business Innovative Research Program, Powers of Inquiry was developed with funding from NIEHS’s Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program. It represents a collaborative effort between educators, students, and scientists. Science Approach’s goal with this SBIR project is to develop and disseminate high-quality, inquiry-based instructional materials for middle and high school students that:
  • introduce students to environmental health science through an engaging visual medium; and
  • support achievement of state and national standards for science, mathematics, and technology education.
To achieve this goal, Powers of Inquiry lessons use GIS and/or image processing and analysis technology to provide students with:
  • computer-based map layers, images, animations, and virtual simulations derived from current environmental health science research and practice; and
  • authentic experiences in scientific research that go beyond simply learning about science, mathematics, and technology.

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