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Powers of Inquiry will release ten modules during the fall of 2009:

Warming Seas: What Phytoplankton Can Tell Us About the Effects of Global Warming.

Using ImageJ, students explore and analyze multispectral imaging data from space to understand how the warming surface of the ocean affects phytoplankton populations and the
health of the planet.

Where Did the Ozone Go? Exploring the Public Health Implications of a Hole in the Sky.

Ozone IconStudents explore how people’s lives and health are being affected by decreased stratospheric ozone, and use NI2K9 to measure and analyze the Antarctic ozone hole using 28 years of ozone monitoring data. This module includes a role-playing activity in which students are stakeholders deciding who should be exempt from an international ban on the use of a popular and effective ozone-depleting pesticide.

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