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Ozone Here and There: Measuring and Mapping Impacts of Ozone in Communities.
Ozone Here IconStudents use My World GIS to look at how and why ground-level (“bad”) ozone varies around the nation, exploring variables including sources of ozone, air movement, topography, rainfall, temperature, and time of day. They also monitor ozone levels in their own community, map the data, and brainstorm an action plan for reducing their exposure to ozone and other air pollutants.

The Power of You: Understanding Your Role in Preserving Environmental Health.
In this online tutorial that summarizes the main points of the Powers of
Inquiry modules
, students explore how global, polar, regional, watershed, community, tissuelevel, cellular, genetic, and nano-sized environmental health issues relate to their daily and future lives. Designed for high school health and environmental science courses, the module concludes with an online forum for students to post a letter to policy makers about how they can address environmental health concerns at all levels of inquiry.

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