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Hormone Imposters: Investigating How Everyday Chemicals Affect Human Health.
Imposters IconStudents employ a number of tools to investigate whether everyday chemicals are disrupting the normal functioning of the endocrine system in humans, laboratory animals, and wildlife. The module also includes a primer on the human endocrine system, a short unit on molecular genetics, a section on the interplay between science and policy, and an extensive further exploration section.

Breathing Room: Exploring Ground-level Ozone’s Effect on Nasal Tissue.
Breathing Room IconStudents explore the symptoms and possible causes of asthma and develop hypotheses about the relationship between the inflammation and environmental factors. They then use ImageJ to replicate an experiment conducted by NIEHS scientist, Jack Harkema. Authentic digital histological images are examined and analyzed to quantify the effects of ground-level ozone on cell structure and function in nasal tissue.

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